A short situation on how women behavior differs in e-commerce from men.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosScrolling through a digital marketing book-Digital Engagement by Leland Harden and Bob Hayman- I found out a case study which showed also how female online shopping behavior differs from men’s. A couple of years ago, Tommy Hilfiger crew did a test on their website, being in process of capitalizing on their online presence. They observed that women tend to buy more the outfits from pictures with a model dressed in them. But what about men and men shirts? The website presented both pictures with men shirts and with male models wearing those shirts. In the pictures with male models wearing those shirts, it was more difficult to catch the pattern imprinted on the fabric though… The outcome? Men bought more the shirts from the no-model picture. :)) The conclusion? Men buy based on pattern, not on fit. It is not as important to men to see how a garment fits as it is to women.

Moving forward their observations, maybe there is one more(from my point of view): women tend to buy outfits worn by a model even though few of us look like a model and that outfit would never fit, because all women have in their minds another picture of who they are/want to be :)))) But men, well even more of them do not look like a mainstream male model but they have a good real picture in their minds of who they are, so they know what fits them and will buy most of the time the same model of outfits :)))

There are also accidents in men outfits(in Romania we have some…patterns) but guys, you can’t score them all :)))



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